Stop Avocados from Turning Brown With These Useful Tricks

Avocado tips
Photo by Dirk Ribbler on Unsplash

Eating an entire avocado at once isn’t the best idea due to their high fat and calorie content, but saving them for later isn’t a walk in the park either. Avocados tend to brown pretty fast, but you can try to keep them fresh for longer with these useful hacks.

Lemon Juice

A few drops of lemon juice is all it takes to keep your avocados fresh. Brush your halved avocados with some lemon before storing them in an airtight container because citrus fruits contain strong antioxidants that slow down the oxidation process.

Olive Oil

If you’re out of lemons, you can use olive oil instead. It will prevent the air from touching the exposed part of an avocado, just like lemon juice, but it’s important to avoid using olive oil with a strong taste.


Avocados and onions are a perfect combo, and not only in guacamole. Vapors from cut onions can stop avocados from browning, so consider placing chopped red onions in an airtight container with your cut avocados.

Plastic Wrap

Never leave your avocados laying in your fridge as they are. If you’re in the rush and don’t have time to give other methods a try, at least cover them with some plastic wrap.