The Easiest Trick for Making Perfectly Round Cookies

Making perfectly round cookies
Photo by Julissa Capdevilla on Unsplash

We’re back with another TikTok food hack because there have been so many amazing ones lately! TikTok is probably the hottest social network right now and its users aren’t afraid to share their cooking and baking hacks with the rest of the world, which is how we learned how to make perfectly round cookies every single time!

Here’s How It’s Done

The imperfect cookies definitely have their charm, but it’s good to know how to make them look neater if you ever need it. Perhaps there’s a school bake sale where you want your cookies to look all uniform or you simply like symmetry. Whatever it is, turning them into perfect circles is easier than you thought.

TikTok user Geneva Hodges shared a video showing how she does it. “Nothing in life is perfect,” the video says, “But you can definitely fake it.” Watch her use a cookie cutter in circular motion to turn the imperfect cookies into perfectly round, uniform cookies before baking them. The method is gentle and works every time.

And if you’ve been wondering about other ways to use your biscuit cutter (other than cutting biscuits), we recommend using them to portion puff pastry or to shape pancakes or eggs directly in the pan.