The Real Reason Why Brits Started Putting Milk in Their Tea

Tea with milk
Photo by Carli Jeen on Unsplash

There are many different types of tea and many ways to drink it. Although we believe that no one puts milk in herbal tea, putting milk in black tea is very common. The practice of drinking black tea with milk and sugar is popular in Great Britain and here’s where it comes from.

Contrary to the popular belief, people didn’t start putting milk in tea to make it taste better. Sure, many agree that black tea with some milk is delicious, but there was a whole other reason why this trend first started. Back in the 18th century, tea was very popular and very expensive. The rich people would drink it from special china cups but those who couldn’t afford them faced one problem. Their regular cups would break from the hot tea, so they started pouring some milk first before adding tea. The result turned out to be delicious and the tradition survived throughout centuries.

Tea was so expensive that many families used more milk with just a little bit of tea. Those who could afford tea did the opposite, and that’s probably why more tea and less milk is the combination that stuck. The truth is, you can use any amount of tea and milk you want, it’s totally subjective.