These April 2021 Drink Holidays Are Ready To Be Served

National beer day is April 8th
Photo by Wil Stewart on Unsplash

Now that we’re in the month of April, we can finally move past winter and into the spring season. This month is full of opportunities to commemorate and celebrate gastronomic favorites, and drinks are an especially common one to find on the holiday calendar. Check out these three April 2021 drink holidays that you should put on your calendar and celebrate!

April 7: National Beer Day

Are you a fan of the suds? If so, be sure to make time to commemorate this beer celebration on the seventh of April, a Wednesday this year. Pick up your favorite craft IPA or macro lager to enjoy with dinner or in the sun outside.

April 9: National Gin and Tonic Day

It’s hard to find a mixed drink as popular as the humble gin and tonic, a favorite in many countries around the world. The aromatics and herby character of gin mixed with the bubbles of tonic, and always topped with fruit or herbs, is a perfect choice for the warming weather.

April 30: National Bubble Tea Day

Bubble tea has exploded in popularity over the past decade or so, and it even has its own holiday now on the last day of the month. With its origins in Taiwan, tapioca balls are placed in a cold tea beverage that explodes with the flavors of your choice. Be sure to grab one on the 30th!