TikTok Foodies Say You Need to Start Microwaving Parmesan Cheese Rinds

Parmesan rinds
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

You never know what the next food trend or experiment will be that gets the attention of TikTok. But you can be sure about one thing: it will be something you never expected or even thought of, like microwaving parmesan cheese rinds.

Parmesan is known for its hard rind that some people eat or use in cooking, but most throw away. The parmesan cheese doesn’t contain any wax or other additives. It is just an exterior layer of cheese that has become hard over time and as a result of salt brine baths. This makes it perfectly safe to eat.

Recently, a new food trend involving parmesan cheese rind has taken over TikTok. The users have been removing the rind from the cheese blocks and pieces and putting it in a microwave to get a puffy snack. And as it turns out, it isn’t actually so bad.

TikTok user Vinny aka @_bossvin, tried microwaving parmesan cheese rind and was amazed by the results. He also recommended getting a package of parmesan cheese rinds at Whole Foods if you don’t need the rest of the cheese.

The microwaved parmesan cheese rind also got thumbs up from @francoisedraschler. She decided to take the trend even further and use rinds with more cheese on them.

Next time you are making a cheese board or need some parmesan for pasta, don’t throw away the rind. Simply pop it in a microwave for a minute and treat yourself to a cheesy snack.