Tips for Eating Out as Safely as Possible in 2021

Restaurants. The reality of dining out in 2021.
Photo by Shawn Ang on Unsplash

As the global coronavirus health crisis begins to show signs of improvement, many countries and local governments are easing restrictions on dining out and beginning to let people eat at restaurants with some restrictions. It’s a relief that we can finally eat out at our favorite restaurants and begin to return to our foodie routines, but there are some steps that you should take if you want to do so safely! Use these three simple steps to reduce your risk.

Eat Outside

The safest option for dining is always eating outside, if possible. An open-air space greatly increases ventilation and reduces the risk of infection compared with eating inside a closed building, no matter what other precautions are taken and protocols are applied.

Make Sure Capacity is Reduced

Some places have allowed restaurants to open with full capacity, which is still not the best option at this stage in the fight against COVID-19. Be sure that the restaurant will not be full of people and at capacity before dining there.

Only Take Your Mask to Eat and Drink

Masks continue to be one of our strongest allies and you’ll want to keep it on unless you are actively eating or drinking. It’s far too easy to remove your mask and not put it back on until it’s time to get up and leave the table, but this could put you at risk of infection.