Turns Out the Ridges on the Bottom of Salt and Pepper Shakers Have an Unexpected Use

Salt & pepper
Photo by Lachlan on Unsplash

You probably noticed that most salt and pepper shakers come with ridges on their bottom. As it turns out, they are not just there for cosmetic purposes. They also have an unexpected use that will make your life easier in the kitchen.

TikTok user Paco Almeida recently demonstrated how you can use those ridges to get the salt or pepper out of the shaker without actually shaking it. And it allows you to have more control of the salt and pepper flow.

The now-viral video shows Almeida scraping the ridges with a fork, and the resulting vibrations cause the salt to start pouring out. It’s that simple. 

This use of ridges was demonstrated on multiple occasions before, but every time it resurfaces, it ends up amazing the internet all over again. One previous clip demonstrates how you can rub ridges on a salt shaker and pepper shaker against each other to produce the same effect.

But despite this clever use of ridges on shakers, it isn’t actually their main purpose. According to The Kitchn, ridges are added to the glass containers in order to make them safer to use.

Glass containers are prone to condensation, which slides from the sides and gets collected at the bottom. If it wasn’t for ridges, the glass containers would get slippery and increase the danger of spillage and breaking.