Two Times When It’s Best to Use Whole Milk

Image by Diese lizenzfreien Fotos darfst du zwar verwenden from Pixabay

Do you tend to keep whole, reduced-fat, or skim milk in your home? Many people, looking to cut down on fats and calories that whole full-fat milk contains, tend to opt for the reduced-fat or no-fat versions of this popular dairy beverage.

When enjoying milk with cereal or on its own, this is a perfectly acceptable and understandable decision! However, there are a couple of situations in which it is definitely best to opt for the full-fat, whole version of the beverage. Let’s take a look.

When Baking

Milk is a common ingredient in all kinds of baking recipes, from cakes to muffins. In these applications, milk is used as a moistening and fattening agent, meaning that you definitely want to opt for whole milk. Skim milk doesn’t add the fat that recipes need, and your cake might end up crumbly and dry if you use a reduced-fat version.

When Making Coffee Drinks

Coffee drinks that contain milk, such as cafe au lait and lattes, are best made with whole milk. Why? If the fat content of the milk isn’t sufficient, the emulsion and foaming process of the milk won’t happen adequately, altering the flavor and the texture of the drink.