3 Pumpkin Carving Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Pumpkin carving
Photo by Bekir Dönmez on Unsplash

Fall may be cold and rainy, but it comes with a few great holidays and some perks other seasons simply don’t have. Halloween, Thanksgiving, hot lattes, and crunchy leaves are just some of the reasons we love fall. The pumpkin carving season is almost here, so here’s how to avoid some of the most common mistakes.

Pick the Right Pumpkin

You need to be careful when picking a pumpkin for carving. It should be ripe enough and bright orange in color, but not too ripe. Fresh pumpkins have a green stem, and older ones have a browner stem. Big pumpkins are better for carving, not only you will have a larger canvas to work on, but they also have thicker walls you can get creative with.

Choose the Shape

From classic jack-o’-lantern to complex carvings, there’s a variety of designs you can choose from so choose carefully. It’s a good idea to draw the outline before carving if you want it to look neat.

What About Special Tools?

We have great news, you don’t need any! In fact, they may make carving more difficult so it’s better to stick to a sharp kitchen knife. Explore other tools if you want to create texture and add details to your carving, but one trusty knife is all you need to start.