3 Russian Recipes You Should Try

Russian red-beet soup (borscht) with garlic and sour cream
ukrainian and russian red-beet soup (borscht) with garlic and sour cream. Image via Reanas/Depositphotos

While these days people tend to be pretty open to cooking foods from different cuisines, even incorporating these types of dishes into their regular rotation, there are still some countries whose traditional foods don’t get much shine. Like, for example, Russia. But there are some Russian dishes that are really worth trying, even for people who are put off by jellied meats and beet. Here are three.


This dish is great for beginners at it is basically a small, puffy little buttermilk pancake that you can top with jam or honey. Eat them at breakfast or any time of day; as soon as you start cooking them and see how simple and tasty they are, you won’t be able to resist.


Probably the most well-known Russian dish, borscht really is just as delicious as it is bright magenta and beautiful. Plus, it’s packed full of veggies, which makes it super healthy.


If you like potato salad or egg salad, this Russian mayo-based salad is for you. It’s made with potatoes, eggs, meat, peas, pickles, carrots, and sometimes some other stuff like cucumber, onion, or chives. And, yes, it’s delicious, so why not make it for your next picnic or barbecue and surprise people with your worldliness?