5 Alternative Ways to Put Ice Cream Scoops to Some Good Use

Ice Cream Scoop
Photo by Marcia Salido/Pexels

Ice cream scoops are usually reserved for hot summer days, only to get lost in the back of our kitchen drawers once this season is over. If you tend to forget all about them during colder seasons, you’ll be happy to learn they’re actually much more versatile than most people give them credit for.

Meatball Maker

An ice cream scoop can come in handy when you’re making meatballs, and it will help you make sure to shape your meat into perfectly round and equally sized meatballs.

Pattie Maker

This kitchen tool can also come in handy when you’re forming patties for your hamburgers, crab cakes, and veggie fritters, allowing you to evenly divide them and easily shape them.

Chocolate Truffles

The shape of chocolate truffles is naturally round, and you can use a smaller ice cream spoon to scoop out the mixture for this delicious dessert.

Batter Portions

In addition to using it to shape perfectly round truffles, you can use an ice cream scoop when portioning cookie dough and batter for all sorts of different desserts.

Scooping Out Seeds

The sharp edges of an ice cream spoon can help you scoop out the seeds of larger fruits and veggies when you’re trying to hollow them out, including cantaloupe, squash, and pumpkin.