Air Fryer Tips You Must Know

Air fryer tips
Image by leungchopan/Depositphotos

Air fryers have become all the rage lately in home kitchens. This nifty device, which allows you to simulate frying food without using as much unhealthy oil as a traditional deep-fryer does, is a great tool for cooking all kinds of food, from veggies to chicken. Novice air fryer owners often wonder what some of the main points they should follow when preparing food in an air fryer are, an understandable hurdle considering just how foreign this machine is at first. Let’s take a look at some helpful tips.

Move Around What You’re Frying

Since the heat from an air fryer only comes from above where the food is, you will want to ensure that you flip or shake around what you are frying in order for all of the food to get crispy and be cooked evenly.

Grease the Basket

While some air fryers have non-stick baskets, others don’t, and even the non-stick ones can lose their coating over time. Add a little bit of grease or oil to the basket of the air fryer so that you don’t end up with food stuck to the metal, a messy nightmare, and a good way to ruin your dinner.

Ideal for Frozen Food

You might be drawn to making all kinds of wonderful recipes for fresh food with your air fryer, and that is great! However, don’t forget that air fryers also work great as a tool for making simple frozen foods like french fries—and they’ll taste way better than just sticking them in the microwave or oven.