Complete Your Cheeseboard With These Additions

Cheese Platter
Photo by Pixabay/Pexels

A cheeseboard is a simple yet sophisticated way to make a meal that bit more special. Whether it’s introduced at the beginning, middle, or end of meal, few can resist a slice of delicious cheese with a cracker or two. If you want to perfect your cheeseboard game, don’t forget these three additions which can make your board extra special.

Fresh Figs

These jewel-like fruits are aesthetically pleasing and totally delicious with a range of cheeses. Blue, goats’, hard, or soft, whichever cheese you’re using, a slice of fig hits just the right note. Arrange them on the board, with some left whole and some sliced, for your guests to help themselves to.

Real Honey

A small hot of real honey (not one modified with glucose syrup) is an excellent addition to the cheeseboard. Blue cheese with a drizzle of honey is the perfect blend of salty and sweet, whilst it is also delicious over hard goats’ cheese. Honey can also look pretty and will catch any candlelight if you’re having a candlelit supper.


Like the figs, grapes offer a delicious way to quench thirst, and set off most of the cheeses on a cheeseboard nicely. Slice some of the grapes, so that people can place them on top of a cracker and cheese, but leave some bunches whole. Not only do they taste great, grapes lend a nice Roman feast vibe to your gathering!

Other delicious additions to a cheeseboard include nuts, slices of apple, chutneys and pears. Arrange it all beautifully on a platter, then let your guests dig in.