Don’t Miss This Gourmet Burger Restaurant Next Time You’re in Paris

Traveling abroad, especially in bustling European cities like Paris, brings along an abundance of culinary attractions that at times can feel a bit overwhelming. Obviously, you can take a short walk through the classic locations like the Champs Elysée boulevard and just walk into one of the first French cafés you spot, which is likely to turn out great! But sometimes you’re in the mood for something a bit more unique.

Bao & Me is definitely under that special category.

Located at 89 rue du Faubourg Poissonniere, Paris, France, Bao & Me offers a French-Asian fusion for those who look for unordinary culinary experiences.

So, what does their menu have to offer? In short: superb gourmet burgers and refreshing bubble tea. But there’s a lot more to it than that.

If you have a quick look through the restaurant’s Insta account, your eyes will be instantly washed with an amazing set of shapes and colors. We’re talking red, white, and black burger buns with an incredible range of dressings, toppings, and fillings, including things like noodles and strawberries! And they have some other intriguing dishes, too.

If you’re not yet convinced, just have a look at the restaurant’s TripAdvisor entry. Other than a 5-star rating, you’ll find there raving reviews from visitors ranging from “Burgers from heaven” to “Best burger in town” and “Fusion at its finest.”