How to Organize Your Kitchen Like a Chef

Photo by Christian Mackie on Unsplash

Keeping your kitchen organized and functional is extremely important if you truly want to enjoy cooking and baking. Here are some of the best tips that professional chefs use for organizing their kitchen.

Use Plastic Containers

You can never have enough storage space in a kitchen, and plastic containers can help you maximize space and organize your kitchen tools and ingredients. Plastic containers with lids are great for safely storing spices and other ingredients and will make cleaning much easier.

Keep Essential Tools Within Reach

Knives, spatulas, tongs and whisks are essential kitchen tools that most people use on a daily basis. Organize your kitchen by keeping these go-to tools within reach so you can easily find them instead of digging around in drawers every time.

Date Everything

Labeling every container will help you easily find tools and items in a second and save you lots of time. Another great tip is to write the day you opened your food on every item in your fridge, such as condiments, half-used milk, etc. This way you’ll know when something’s not safe to use anymore.