Huevos Rotos is a Little-Known Spanish Favorite

Huevos Rotos. A Spanish favorite.
Image via lenyvavsha/deposit

You have probably heard of huevos rancheros before, but what about a similar-sounding dish called huevos rotos? The former is a Mexican favorite that has become a brunch favorite throughout the world, but what about the latter?

Huevos rotos are a delicacy from Spain that create an absolutely delicious breakfast or lunch out of some potatoes, a couple of fried eggs, and cured ham.

The first thing that you will notice about a plate of huevos rotos is the mountain of fried potatoes that serves as the base of the dish. Typically, you will find either sliced potatoes or chunks of potatoes that are fried in olive oil as a tasty, starchy base.

So, what comes next?

The typical plate of huevos rotos will then contain a couple of fried eggs on top of the potatoes. Done over-easy, when cut, the yolks spill out and soak the potatoes in a juicy flavor explosion that you’ll have to taste to believe.

The final piece of the huevos rotos puzzle? A topping of pieces of Spanish jamon, a cured ham product that adds a meaty, salty cherry on top to this down-home, delightful delicacy.

Would you try huevos rotos?