Naturally Zuzu’s Tarts are as Delicious as it Gets

Tarts rarely get as much attention as other baked goods, but Zuliya Khawaja gave them a chance to shine on her food blog Naturally Zuzu. She often shares the most delicious tart recipes that you could possibly wish for, and here are some of the best that we came across.

Chocolate Tart

If you want to start your tart-making journey with a basic recipe, this one is your best bet. This chocolate tart is gluten-free, vegan, and super easy to make, and you can make it extra-delicious by topping it with fresh berries.

Kunefe Apple Tart

Apple desserts will be everywhere this fall, and if you want to get ahead of this trend, make sure to try this mouth-watering tart, made with apples, kataifi dough, and cinnamon.

Rustic Phyllo Dough Plum Tart

If apples aren’t your cup of tea, and you want to replace them with another delicious seasonal fruit, how about plums? That’s the idea behind this delicious tart, and it will win you over with its crispy and flaky texture.

Orange Chocolate Tart

Looking for a delicious and refreshing tart that easily fits into every season? Made with oranges, dark chocolate, and pomegranate arils, this dessert is just the thing you’re looking for.