Pizza vs. Calzone: What’s the Difference?

Photo by Roberto Valdivia on Unsplash

Calzone is just a folded pizza, right? Well, not quite. Despite sharing many similarities, including using almost identical ingredients, they are actually quite different. How different? Check out below.

Distribution of the Toppings

Let’s start with the obvious. On pizza, the toppings are evenly distributed. In the calzone, they are all bunched together, resulting in completely different bites. Also, you can pack much more toppings inside the calzone without worrying it will fall apart.


Calzone uses a different type of dough compared to pizza. It has more water, making it softer and easier to manipulate.

Baking Process

Since the toppings are enclosed in the dough, calzone needs to be baked at a higher temperature than pizza to cook them properly. But this comes with the upside of calzone retaining its heat for much longer compared to pizza.


Pizza without a sauce on it isn’t actually a pizza. However, sauce isn’t so important for calzone. The sauce doesn’t go into traditional calzone and is usually served on the side.


Finally, due to differences in shape, distribution of toppings, and dough, pizza and calzone taste differently. They are both good in their own way but offer a completely different experience.