These Are The Dirtiest Places in Your Kitchen

Dirty kitchen sink
Photo by David Babayan on Unsplash

The kitchen is often considered the “heart of the home”. Unfortunately, in the same vein, it’s also often the dirtiest place in every house. In order to successfully fight germs in your kitchen, here are some of the filthiest places you should clean regularly.

Kitchen Sink

Our kitchen sink is the breeding ground for bacteria and one of the germiest spots in the kitchen. Everything we rinse from dirty dishes ends up here and that’s why it’s important to sanitize kitchen sinks every day.


Despite the low temperature, the refrigerator is also the perfect place for harmful bacteria so it’s important to clean it thoroughly at least once a month.

Cutting Boards

Old wooden cutting boards with deep scratches also harbor harmful bacteria. Make sure to throw out any old cutting boards from your kitchen and replace them with new ones.

Salt and Pepper Shakers

These tiny tools are used on a daily basis and yet we often forget to clean them regularly. Clean and disinfect your salt and pepper shakers every once in a while to avoid contaminating food.

Knobs and Handles

Everyone in your home touches handles and knobs on a daily basis, and that’s why it’s important to clean them regularly.