Why You Need a Cast-Iron Pan

Tasty cookies being held in a cast iron pan
Photo by Mara Conan Design on Unsplash

When you’re new to cooking, you buy the basic tools for your kitchen: knives, cutting boards, etc. But most people take too long to get around to buying a cast-iron pan, which is really a shame. Because those babies are an incredibly useful, versatile, and important kitchen essential. Here’s why.

They’re Not as Expensive as You Think They Are

One of the main reasons why people avoid buying cast iron pans is because they think they’re expensive. And, sure, they can be. But you can also get a more affordable cast iron pan for only around $20 at a standard home goods store, so there’s no excuse not to try one out.

They Last Forever

Plus, the purchase of a cast iron pan is really worth it because those things are practically indestructible. As long as you take care of it correctly, you can expect to have your cast iron pan for years upon years and even decades.

They Can Do Everything

Okay, cast iron pans can’t do literally everything but they really are versatile workhorses. You can use them for making meat, for frying, for baking, sautéing, searing, braising, broiling, and roasting. Seriously, they do it all.