This Brand Marries Together Wellness and Superfoods

If nothing else, this past year has been a reminder not to take our health for granted. Paired with the self-care trend, this new realization means that now, more than ever before, consumers are interested in boosting their health and lifestyle. So much so, in fact, that the global superfoods market size is expected to reach $209 billion by 2026.

One wellness company that should be on your radar is Golde. The brainchild of Trinity Mouzon Wofford and her partner, Issey Kobori, what began as a side hustle from a 1-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn, has turned over the past year into a full-blown business.

With an emphasis on natural, healthy ingredients meant at boosting your immune system, the company began with a single product, the Original Turmeric Latte Blend.

For Mouzon Wofford, the benefits of turmeric shouldn’t be overlooked. “It makes such a difference in my skin and immunity,” she shared in an interview with Golubka Kitchen. She adds that because it’s anti-inflammatory, she’s also found it to be really helpful in clearing up redness or breakouts.

Over the past couple of years Golde evolved in terms of products, and now has a line of superfood essentials that include morning smoothies and even skincare, with essentials like Matcha and Shroom Duo, Pure Greens Kit, and Superfood Masks. Designed with Y2K aesthetics in mind, you can expect a lot of pinks and greens, that make for a more pleasant purchasing experience.

“I really think doing away with rules (re: food, etc.) has been the most important change I’ve made,” says Mouzon Wofford. “There’s absolutely nothing wrong with avoiding gluten or dairy because it upsets your stomach or causes breakouts, but don’t complicate your life with structure that does not serve you.”

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