Three Spanish Wines You Must Try

While other European countries such as France and Italy might have a little more clout on the wine scene than Spain, it would be a huge mistake to ignore all of the delicious options that this southwestern European country offers up.

If you are looking for a new wine variety to pick up the next time you head to the store to buy wine, why not consider these three unique and delicious Spanish wines?


Tempranillo is the star red grape of Spain, being the most-cultivated variety in the acclaimed Spanish region of La Rioja. Full-bodied, yet not overwhelming with its tannins or overly dry, this red wine is great both young and aged, and can be paired with a vast variety of foods. 


Do you love white wine and are looking to expand your tastebuds? Albariño is the star white grape of the Rias Baixas production region, which makes some of the country’s best whites. This grape produces dry, light, and citrusy wines that pair fantastically with seafood dishes.


Are you a fan of the bubbly? Cava is Spain’s equivalent to France’s Champagne or Italy’s prosecco, a sparkling white wine which is just as fun to drink as it is to mix with fruit juices and other ingredients to make wine cocktails.