TikTok’s Genius Tomato Paste Storage Tip

Tomato paste
Photo by Heather Ford on Unsplash

Do not underestimate the power of TikTok. The app may seem like it’s all dance routines and jokes, but in reality, this platform is an indispensable source for practical tips and hacks, on everything from skincare to cooking. One food-storage hack that has recently gone viral is a simple, yet clever way to store tomato paste.


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Shared by user Rebecca Huffman, the idea is to store any left-over paste in the can in a small freezer bag, score the bag into sections, and freeze it. Then, whenever you need tomato paste for another recipe, you simply break off a piece of the frozen tomato paste and return the remainder to the freezer. That way, that little can is more than just single-use and the leftovers don’t go to waste.

This storage tip can be applied to any other paste or sauce left-over, that you might want to utilize in the future. The simple idea resonated with many of the video’s viewers receiving comments like “I’ve wasted so much food that I could have done this the whole time.” Sometimes, being creative in the kitchen is essential to being frugal!