Tips for Making Tahdig at Home

Tahdig recipe
Photo by Maria Ionova on Unsplash

If you’ve never heard of tahdig, you’ll be excited to hear about it. It’s got all of the deliciousness of fluffy rice but with a pan-fried, crispy bottom. It’s a simple food, but it can be difficult to make, as it’s easy to burn or overcook your rice. So if you want to avoid potential common pitfalls and make a perfect homemade tahdig, here are some tips you should follow.

Use a Non-Stick Pot

As you can imagine, cooking rice until it is brown and crispy can lead to potential stickage issues. And the last thing you want is to turn your pot upside-down and not have your tahdig slide out. So give yourself a break and just use a non-stick pot. It’ll make your life much easier.

Put a Towel Over the Pot Lid

The traditional way to make tahdig is to wrap the lid of your pot in a thin kitchen towel, helping the rice steam and get as fluffy as possible. For extra security, tie the towel to the lid’s handle with a rubber band.

Watch as You Go

Usually, when you cook rice, you’re told not to lift the lid up throughout, as it can disturb the cooking process. Well, with tahdig, checking on your rice as it cooks is totally kosher. After all, visual cues (golden, crispy edges) are the best way to determine when your tahdig is finished.