Which Coffee-Making Methods is the Best for You?

Coffee beans shaped like steam
Image by Chris from Pixabay

Coffee is a huge part of so many people’s morning routine. There are so many different ways to have coffee and lots of people have a personal preference. If you want to get into making proper coffee at home, here is a rundown of some of the different options available to help you decide which to try out. 


Also known as a French press, this option is great for making proper coffee and is useful when wanting large quantities. You’ll need to wait for it to brew and they can be a pain to clean up, but the result is delicious and there’s no waste from filter papers. 


This method produces incredible coffee but does take some time and attention. The coffee grounds are placed in the compartment in the middle of the percolator with water in the bottom. This is then placed on the hob to bubble the water into the coffee. You need to pay close attention, so this isn’t ideal if you are preoccupied. 


This fairly new process uses a device that creates a vacuum to push the coffee through a filter paper. This option is great if you want delicious coffee quickly and with no mess. Once filtered through you can simply push the coffee grounds out straight into the compost.