You Don’t Have to Be Scared of Deep Frying!

Deep-frying tips
Photo by Wine Dharma on Unsplash

Many of the most delicious foods that exist are deep-fried: fried chicken, french fries, donuts, the list goes on. But most home cooks are scared of deep frying so they either avoid making those foods or they cook them in some kind of alternative way that never turns out nearly as good as it would if they were to have deep-fried them.

But today, we’re here to help you get over your deep frying fear. Because the truth is that deep-frying is actually not nearly as intimidating as it looks.

Stay Focused

Sure, safety is a concern. Deep-frying involves very hot oil, which means it can be dangerous. But as long as you stay focused on what you’re doing, keep kids and pets out of the kitchen, and dry food off completely before putting it in the oil, you should be fine.

And technique-wise, deep frying is actually pretty simple. As long as you have the proper tools like a thermometer, tongs, a spider, and a frying basket, it’s really just a matter of putting stuff in oil.

So next time you have a craving for mozzarella sticks, consider making them at home. You’ll probably find out that deep-frying is actually a rather accessible way to cook.