3 Healthy Eating Instagram Accounts to Follow

Social media can be a great source of healthy eating inspiration. There are so many profiles that promote healthy food and share recipes, and if you’re looking for new ideas, we have just what you need. Stay tuned to learn about three accounts we love right now.

Real Life Nutritionist

Miranda Galati is a dietitian friend you never had and she’s here to help you set up for a healthier life. She covers hot topics like detox diets, carbs, and gluten while being inclusive of all the foods. You can also see what she eats in a week and get inspiration from her own menu—it’s absolutely real and achievable.

Compston Kitchen

Husband and wife Stephen and Elise Compston run Compston kitchen, the account where they share recipes and tips on healthier eating every day. Thanks to their hashtag #upgradedeverydayeats, you can implement small changes that have a big impact over time.

Fit Men Cook

Most of the cooking accounts are run by women but Kevin Curry is here to prove there are some excellent exceptions. His Instagram page Fit Men Cook shows how some common foods can be turned into healthy and delicious recipes anyone can make.