Healthy Substitutes You Should Be Eating Instead of Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise alternatives
Photo by Daniel Costa on Unsplash

Despite its immense popularity, mayonnaise isn’t one of the healthiest condiments on the market, and eating it on a regular basis will do you more harm than good. If you want to ditch it, but can’t find any other type of food that’s just as tasty, here are some healthy alternatives that you should try.

Vegan Mayo

The most obvious replacement of mayonnaise is the plant-based version of the same condiment. Vegan mayo is extremely popular these days, so you can easily buy it at your local supermarket, but making a homemade version is an even better idea.


Mayonnaise is often used as a spread in sandwiches, and it’s extremely easy to replace it if you’re using it this way. Just switch to hummus instead because it’s equally tasty but much healthier.

Plain Greek Yogurt

You’re diminishing the healthy properties of your salads by adding mayonnaise to the mix, but you can fix things by replacing this ingredient with low-fat plain Greek yogurt.


Made from basil, pine nuts, and olive oil, this traditional Italian sauce doesn’t exactly taste like mayo, but it can be used in many of the same meals, especially sandwiches and salads.