How to Make Packaged Meals More Interesting

Packaged meal
Photo by Kate Trifo on Unsplash

Sometimes you’re at a mid-level in terms of how much energy you have to put into cooking. Maybe you want a more well-rounded meal than a box of macaroni will give you, but you definitely don’t want to make your own pasta sauce. When that happens, you can easily revamp a packaged meal to make it healthier and more filling without much added effort. Here are some suggestions.

Macaroni: Add Veggies

If you’re making some boxed macaroni, what you can do is steam or roast some veggies while the pasta is cooking and mix them in at the end. Good veggies for this include broccoli, mushrooms, and roasted onions, but you can use whatever you like.

Ramen: Add Egg

One of the quickest and cheapest packaged meals is ramen. It’s yummy and it’ll fill you up thanks to the noodles, but it doesn’t have much nutritional value. If you feel like frying some onions and mushrooms in the pot before making the soup, that’s a great way to add some veggies. Another classic thing to do is fry an egg and set it on top, or even drop the raw egg into the boiling water to cook in the soup.

Rice-a-Roni: Add Protein

Rice-a-Roni is often lacking complete proteins, so if you have some leftover chicken or frozen fake meat, throw it in there for a more nutritious meal.