How to Make Perfect Cafetiere Coffee Every Time

Photo by Sarah Kilian on Unsplash

Coffee is an absolute morning must-have for so many people. Here is a helpful guide to achieving the best results with a cafetiere. 

Start by boiling some water. Allow more than you will need for the coffee brewing. You will use some to warm the cafetiere up, which is an important step.

Pour a few inches of boiling water into the empty cafetiere. Put the lid on, with the plunger submerged in the water, and leave to stand for a minute or two. 

Empty the water into your mug to warm it up. 

You don’t want to pour boiling water directly onto coffee, as this burns it and affects the taste. Leaving the kettle water to cool slightly while the cafetiere is warming up is perfect.

Into the empty cafetiere, add your coffee grounds. Usually, you want a heaped tablespoon of coffee per cup, but you can use more or less depending on your taste. 

Pour some water in, just enough to cover the grounds. Leave this for a minute or two, and then fill up to the top, pouring the water in a steady circular motion.

Leave this for roughly 5 minutes. Plunge slowly and carefully, and enjoy!