Tips for Making Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Chocolate covered strawberries
Photo by Natalia Fogarty on Unsplash

Chocolate-covered strawberries never fail to look luxurious and impressive, despite how easy it is to make them. If you’re looking for a snack to go with a romantic picnic or want to make your guests feel special, here are all the tricks to make the best chocolate-covered strawberries. 

Select and Wash the Strawberries

The trick is to choose semi-ripe to ripe strawberries with minimal whiteness towards the stems. Make sure they are not too ripe or they will become mushy very quickly once dipped in the chocolate. Wash the strawberries a few hours before you plan to dip them so they can properly air dry, as any water can seize the chocolate.

Melt the Chocolate Properly

For a hard, glossy shell you need to temper your chocolate, which involves heating and cooling it to precise temperatures. If you don’t want to temper, dipping the fruit in melted chocolate works well too, though you may not get that shiny crunch.

Decorate the Strawberries

If you don’t plan on decorating your strawberries with toppings, place them on parchment paper immediately after dipping. If you are coating the strawberries with toppings, roll them in the topping of choice straight away. Sprinkles, chopped nuts, and cacao nibs are all great topping choices.