Which Non-Dairy Milk Alternative is Best?

Almond milk
Photo by Sandi Benedicta on Unsplash

Many people nowadays opt for alternative kinds of milk to standard dairy. Whether it’s for health reasons, veganism, or simply preferring the taste, these milk drinks popularity seems to keep increasing. But with so many to choose from you may be wondering which one to go for. Here is some info about some common ones to help you decide. 

Oat Milk

This kind of milk has become incredibly popular over the years. This popularity may well be due to its creamy, neutral taste which pairs so well with coffee. This one is easy to find in shops and cafes and is a great eco-friendly choice.

Soya Milk

Soya milk is also neutral and creamy like oat milk, but many people find it does have a slightly bitter taste to it. However, it’s many people’s go-to choice for drinks, cereal, and cooking. There is much ongoing debate about the mass use of soya products and the effects it has on eco-systems.

Almond Milk

This was one of the first non-dairy milks to really gain popularity and many people love the slightly sweet, nutty taste it has. This one may not be as easy to find in some places as the above two. Almond milk is very healthy for you, but there are some concerns about the efficiency of its production.